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Reusable Program Details

Please read details below and sign up here(scroll to the very bottom to find the reusable plan options)

5% for the Environment

Launching our reusable program means we need a team responsible for storing, tracking and sanitizing containers, among other logistics associated with the program. Because of this, all subscription customers participating in our re-usable will receive a 5% weekly discount on our meal plans, as opposed to the 10% subscription discount. 
Think of it this way — you are making a small weekly donation to the environment, all while still getting a discount on our meal plans and reducing your carbon footprint. Win-win! These few dollars help us cover the costs of the containers themselves and the labor needed to sanitize + maintain the program.
When to Return Your Containers
Your reusable containers should be returned during the time of your next delivery or pick-up. For our local delivery customers, please have the reusable containers in your YA•YE bag ready on your doorstep, so that when your driver arrives to drop-off your new set of meals, they will pick-up your previous week's containers. For Whole Sol pick-up customers, please drop off your rinsed tiffin containers at your Whole Sol when you pick-up your next set of meals.
Cancelled But Still Have Containers?
If you cancel your subscription and still have our reusable containers, you must return them to a YA•YE drop-off/pick-up site (any Whole Sol Blend Bar) within 2 weeks of the date you received them. If you cancel your subscription and still have a future delivery scheduled, you can request that we deliver your final set of meals in single-use containers (instead of reusables) so that you don’t need to worry about returning them later on.
No-Return Fee
Failure to return any reusable containers (after 2 weeks of receiving them) will result in a $30 charge per 3-tier tiffin container set, and $6 per glass jar.
Please Rinse Before Returning
Please ensure that all containers are thoroughly rinsed before returning them, and please be careful not to damage or remove the QR code sticker, as this is how we track each container. We will wash and sanitize each container returned to our kitchen as well!