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Ready-to-Eat Organic Food Pick-Up Program

The following Whole Sol Blend Bar locations are now available as YAYE ready-to-eat organic food pick-up sites: 

Monday deliveries:
Must be picked up between 4pm Mon – 7pm on Tues (during store hours)
Thursday deliveries:
Must be picked up between 4pm Thurs – 7pm on Fri (during store hours)

1735 Chestnut Place, Denver, CO 80202


due to limited storage capacity, Whole Sol's 29th St Mall location will not be a YAYE pick-up site.
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YAYE Organics: Ready-to-Eat Organic Food Subscriptions 

At YAYE Organics, we provide ready-to-eat organic food meal subscriptions that are the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle. Our rotating weekly meals are nutrient-dense and designed to improve your health without the cumbersome task of grocery shopping and meal-prepping. We make eating healthy even easier with multiple locations to pick up your ready-to-eat organic food boxes, or you can get our meal packages shipped directly to your house. YAYE Organics subscriptions let you change your lifestyle and change the world.  

You can choose from a variety of plant-based meal subscriptions that best suit your lifestyle and needs. From three or six-day meal plans to 14 day conscious cleanses, you can be sure to obtain all your daily six pillars of nutrition requirements. We believe that information is power, so the ingredients in our ready-to-eat organic food meal subscriptions have been heavily researched with evidence-based information to help you reduce preventable deaths and diseases. Ready to choose organic and begin practicing mindful eating, shop our meals and other organic goodness today!