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Meal Ingredients
The Good Shepherd's Pie

Knowledge Drop | Pop quiz: is celery root the root of celery?

Celery root — aka celeriac — is a root vegetable in the carrot family and no, it is not the root of celery. High in potassium + Vitamin K, this magical root can help lower your risk of stroke + promotes a healthy heart. This fiber-filled pie can also help support good digestion + lower cholesterol levels — unlike the traditional not-so-good-for-you shepherd’s pie, which often contains up to a whole stick of butter.

Heating Instructions

Using a spatula, carefully transfer pie to a small baking dish and bake at 350 uncovered for 15 to 20 minutes. Enjoy!


parsnip, celery root, fennel, carrot, rutabaga, turnip, kale, peas, garlic, onion, white wine, balsamic, tomato, sweet potato, apple cider vinegar, pecans, thyme, spices


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