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Meal Ingredients
Sweet Nutty Butty

Knowledge Drop | Ever noticed that walnuts look like brains? Coincidence or not, studies show they are incredibly nutritious for your brain + nervous system. 

Compared to other nuts, walnuts take the lead when it comes to antioxidant + omega-3 fatty acid contents. A diet that counteracts oxidative stress and is rich in essential omega-3s is known to help boost cognition and battle depression + anxiety. So, do your most important organ a favor and indulge in this sweet + nutty autumn salad.


SALAD: mixed greens, carrot, purple cabbage, roasted butternut squash, cilantro, pumpkin seeds, chili flake. SPICED MUSHROOM WALNUT CRUMBLE: walnut, crimini mushroom, yellow onion, garlic, tomato, tamari, spices. SWEET TAHINI: tahini, dijon mustard, balsamic vin, honey, thyme, extra virgin olive oil, pink himalayan salt, black pepper.

Made with high quality, organic + gluten free ingredients.  

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