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Meal Ingredients
Resilient Reishi

Knowledge Drop | Stressed out? Reishi mushrooms might help.

Used for centuries to promote health + longevity, the reishi mushroom is the queen of all mushrooms for its impressive medicinal properties. Stressed out? Reishi mushrooms might help! Reishies are actually considered adaptogens, meaning they support resilience by helping our bodies combat stress, anxiety + depression.

Heating Instructions

Heat acorn squash in covered baking dish for 20 min at 350.  Uncover and top with reishi gravy and bake for an additional 1-2 min.


Acorn squash. WILD RICE: wild rice, fennel, kale, butternut squash, pecans, currant, onion, garlic, thyme, salt. REISHI GRAVY: celery root, crimini mushroom, coconut milk, sage, onion, garlic, reishi powder. 


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