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Sloppy Jane

Knowledge Drop | Let's end the "bread is bad" theory once and for all.

Bread is not the enemy — it can actually be a close friend if it's made right. A common opinion, popularized by diet culture, is that bread is nothing but "empty calories." While that may be true in most circumstances, that's only because it's usually made with artificial + highly processed ingredients that do your body no good. On the other hand, our bread is made in house using organic ingredients with nutritional benefits — in this case, sunflower seeds, chickpea flour and raw honey.

*** Paired with baked plantains + black beans, our spin on the classic Torta Cubana is packed with protein + fiber to keep you dancing through the night. ****

Heating Instructions

Will Update Thursday 6/10.


Will Update Thursday 6/10.

Made with high quality, organic + gluten free ingredients. 

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