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Meal Ingredients
Raspberry Nola + Matcha Mylk

Knowledge Drop | True or False: Frozen and freeze-dried fruit provides equal nutritional value as the fresh stuff.

False! It often provides more. 🤓

Losing none of its nutritional value in the process, freezer dried fruit is often times more nutritious than it's fresh counterparts, since they're harvested and frozen (or freeze-dried) within season. When produce is in season, not only is it more flavorful, it's also at its peak nutritional period. Our house-made Raspberry Nola features freeze-dried raspberries, providing you with an early morning Vitamin C boost, as well as manganese, fiber, protein + healthy fats!


RASPBERRY NOLA: oats, coconut, honey, freeze dried raspberries, coconut oil. MATCHA MYLK: cashews, dates, vanilla, matcha. blackberry

Made with high quality, organic + gluten free ingredients. 

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