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Meal Ingredients
Peaches N' Cream N'oatmeal

Knowledge Drop | N’oatmeal is a fun and nutritious way to jazz up your mornings. Similar to porridge, our cauliflower n’oatmeal is creamy and satisfying, but with an added layer of vitamins + minerals to fuel your day!

Cauliflower in your oatmeal is EXACTLY what you just read! With a laundry list of nutrients and antioxidants, how could you not want to try this?! Typical oatmeal can be loaded with refined carbs and sugar that causes your blood sugar to spike, leaving you sleepy and kind of hungry not long after you've eaten (booo). Cauliflower's fiber content slows down your digestion, which promotes the feeling a fullness and keeps you from rummaging through that refrigerator right after you've had your breakfast... Unless you're just looking for some more peaches ;) 


PEACHES N' CREAM N'OATMEAL: cauliflower, peaches, chia, coconut milk, vanilla, lime.

Made with high quality, organic + gluten free ingredients. 


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