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How We Roll

Knowledge Drop | If you’re as fascinated by our earth as we are, you’ll love to know how sunflowers got their name (it’s not because of their beautiful bright yellow petals).

Native to North America, the sunflower got its name because it always turns towards the sun ­— mind-blowing, right?! Its movement is even trained on a biological clock to follow the sun, so even when it's a cloudy or rainy day, it always moves in the same direction as if it were a bluebird sky. As the world's leading oilseed, sunflowers were actually used before corn and beans for their nutrient-rich seeds and oil. The seeds have loads of calcium + other important minerals and sunflower oil has a high level of unsaturated fatty acids, which is great for reducing the risk of heart disease. Even though sunflowers are something of beauty, they do wonders for the body as well because... that's just how they roll!

Heating Instructions

Heat in pan over medium heat, covered for 3-5 mins. Top with mushroom sauce and heat covered for 1 more minute. Serve + enjoy!


ROLLATINI: eggplant, sunflower seeds, oregano, spinach, white bean, cashew, potato, garlic, red onion, coconut milk, nutritional yeast, hemp seed, chile flake, black pepper, pink himalayan salt. MUSHROOMS: mushroom, garlic, white wine. LEMON CAPER SAUCE: onion, garlic, cornstarch, capers, lemon, white wine, coconut milk, parsley, nutritional yeast. HERBED RICE: jasmine rice, avocado oil, basil, oregano.

Made with high quality, organic + gluten free ingredients. 

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