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Heavenly Strawberry Fields

Knowledge Drop | Radicchio is an antioxidant-rich superfood + 2 cups provides 170% of your daily recommended Vitamin K intake!

Plant-based foods are full of antioxidants that help protect against cell damage from nasty illnesses like heart disease, cancer, digestive conditions, and Alzheimer’s. Radicchio holds plenty of antioxidants in the red parts of the leaves, making for a colorful and plentiful meal addition. Don’t forget about all of the packed in nutrients like Vitamin K as well. This leads to healthy bone density and even reduced fracture rates - I’m talking to all you crazy, outdoor Colorado risk-takers! Living is easy with eyes closed, but if you eat your Radicchio, there is nothing to get hung about :)


PICKLED STRAWBERRIES: strawberries, champagne vinegar, rice wine vinegar, coconut sugar.  LEMON HERB "CHEESE": cashew, lemon, thyme, oregano, nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, pink himalayan salt. STRAWBERRY VINAIGRETTE: strawberry, champagne vinegar, mint, honey, avocado oil. CANDIED QUINOA: quinoa, maple, coconut sugar, pink salt. radicchio, snap pea, radish. 

Made with high quality, organic + gluten free ingredients. 


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