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Meal Ingredients
Dandelion Don't Tell No Lies

Knowledge Drop | Dandelions are more than the weeds you find in your lawn. Packed with vitamins + minerals, dandelion greens are not only edible but also highly nutritious.

Edible from root to flower, dandelions are loaded with nutrients from vitamins + minerals to fiber. Their high antioxidant contents are the reason behind the numerous health benefits they boast, including improved eye health + disease prevention.

Complete with whole food ingredients such as blackberries, pea shoots, radishes and house-made cashew "goat cheese," this salad, along with all of our products, have ingredient lists that consist of organic, whole foods that we aren't shy about listing. Unlike those on most store-bought processed foods that market themselves as "natural," our labels "don't tell no lies." 


BLACKBERRY AND DANDELION PESTO: dandelion greens, blackberry, toasted hemp seed, chive, garlic, balsamic, lime, avocado oil. LEMON HERB GOAT CHEESE: cashew, lemon, apple cider vinegar, thyme, nutritional yeast, probiotic, pink himalayan salt. CANDIED QUINOA: quinoa, maple, coconut sugar, coconut aminos. SALAD: greens, fennel, grilled spring onions, garlic, blackberry, radish, pea shoots.

Made with high quality, organic + gluten free ingredients. 


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