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Basil N' Chill

Knowledge Drop | Did you know that basil consumption may help improve memory retention associated with aging?

According to studies, basil has shown to reduce memory loss that comes with aging and it’s all due the presence of antioxidants — That’s so fine it blows my mind (cue the song)! Basil is full of essential oils and anti-inflammatory properties; in fact, most anti-inflammatory medicine stems from plants (pun intended). So it's no surprise that basil has been used throughout centuries to help treat inflammatory disorders. Mix it in this salad w/ some berries, radishes, fennel + some tasty blueberry chia balsamic and you have yourself a salad full of flavor and healing powers!


Mixed berries, radishes, fennel, Basil NOLA, and blueberry chia balsamic.

Made with high quality, organic + gluten free ingredients. 


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