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is to craft delicious plant-based products to advocate their powerful health benefits for the betterment of people and our planet.


is to improve your quality of life through healthier food. If we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, we won’t serve it to you.


are that information is power, and that education creates change. Continuous learning is at the forefront of everything we do. We change minds and lives by providing people with reliable, evidence-based information to reduce preventable deaths & diseases - but, we believe your health and wellness extends beyond what you eat, so we’re dedicated to helping you embody a life that is good for your mind, body, and the planet.


Krissy Ostermiller

Drawing on her life-long health, wellness, and sustainability advocacy, Krissy designed YAYE to help make plant-based eating more accessible and appealing to all. At age 14, she started eating plant-based and has been whipping up recipes and blending homemade smoothies every day since. Even in Colorado, Krissy has always struggled to find restaurants whose mission and values align with her own. Most "health" cafes buy their nut milks and vegan cheeses (which are loaded with additives, even if they're organic) from distributors, so Krissy started making her own from scratch. After realizing that it's too expensive for most people to do the same, Krissy decided to start a food business that her customers can trust. 

Along with her passion for plant-based living, Krissy brings years of sustainable waste management and digital marketing experience to YAYE. From hand-sorting recycling and compost on her college campus at CU Boulder and at large-scale music festivals, to executing sustainable events across the US, Krissy has always been fascinated by the relationship between consumption, conservation and health. Knowing that 90% of all healthcare costs in America are spent on preventable diseases, she playfully considers her work to be "pre-med", that is, preventive medicine. 

Krissy has traveled the world in search of the most innovative and delicious plant-based cuisines, and she couldn’t be more excited to bring that international inspiration home to Colorado. In addition to being a champion for plant-based lifestyles, Krissy is also an advocate for prison reform and is actively involved with Breakthrough Colorado, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of currently and formerly incarcerated individuals. She sits on the Board of Directors and frequently volunteers to mentor Breakthrough's program participants in various prisons throughout Colorado. Krissy's brother Michael was incarcerated for 9 years before he passed away in 2011, so giving life skills, business skills, and opportunities to currently and formerly incarcerated individuals is a central part of her mission. 




NADIA PEDROZA - Graphic Designer

SHAWN PARKIN - Executive Sous Chef

ABBY TRACY - Director of Retail Sales and Operations



Our talented chef brings 10+ years of culinary prowess to the team. Before joining the YAYE family, Jessica spent time as the executive sous chef at Vital Root where she had the opportunity to dive into plant-based cooking and even managed their raw vegan pop-up dinners. Originally from Texas, she was raised to believe that a diet heavy in fat, animal products, and overcooked vegetables was just "good southern cooking".

Through years of research and tracking the bad habits of fad diets, Jessica arrived at the conclusion that eating a well balanced + colorful, plant based diet is the key to optimum health and wellness. Her mission in life is to make plant based foods more accessible and to educate others on how eating for overall wellness is the most sustainable way to live a healthy and long life. Making good dietary choices shouldn't be intimidating.

Five years ago, Jessica discovered that her digestive issues were linked to a gluten sensitivity. This started her on a path to learn more about gluten-free cooking and baking, as well as maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. That's why she loves using plenty of ginger, fermented foods and probiotics in her cooking. (She's also not afraid of that spice rack!) Jessica loves supporting and working with nonprofits to help make organic fruits and veggies accessible to communities that need them most. She also does her best to source our organic produce from local farms and small businesses. "A plant based diet can heal not only our bodies and spirits, but our environment." 

Nadia Pedroza (top right)


A Colorado native, Nadia grew up in Denver as a first generation American. She studied Graphic Design + Psychology at University of Northern Colorado. Catching the travel bug from a young age, she often travelled with her family to Mexico. Not long after graduating, she spent 4 years living in Seoul, South Korea, working as a teacher and traveling in her off time. She finds creative inspiration from many places and brings her skills to our team.

SHAWN PARKIN (bottom left)


Immersed in the Colorado food scene for over a decade, Shawn brings his philosophy of high quality ingredients and great technique to YAYE Organics. Originally from North Dakota, Shawn settled in Denver in 2011. Over the years he has had many opportunities to learn and create with some of Colorado’s best chefs. Shawn believes that amazing food can be flavorful, healthy, interesting, sustainable, and most of all, a part of life that can bring us all together. 

Abby Tracy (bottom right)


Abby grew up inspecting food labels to avoid allergens, which led her to question the other ingredients that are added to the food we consume every day. She spent years trying to understand the impact they have on our bodies and the world around us. Abby loves animals and believes that making conscious food choices is one of the most important things we can do to protect our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants.

While her initial plan was to become a nutritionist, Abby realized how difficult it was to find food that is free of allergens, GMOs, pesticides, and other additives, so she started working for brands that go the extra mile to provide safe options for people living with food sensitivities and chronic illness. After years of being reliant on medications, she discovered that many of her autoimmune and asthma symptoms were linked to the food she was consuming. This turned into a passion for cooking, gardening, and learning about medicinal herbs. Abby’s hope is that somehow, through sharing her experiences and working for a brand that aligns with her values, she can help others take control of their own health.

YAYE Advisor

James Iacino

James Iacino is a 3rd generation Coloradan and former owner of Seattle Fish Company, starting his journey by loading and driving trucks before working his way up through the sales office and finally to the position of Chairman & CEO.

James is a leader in sustainability and directed Seattle Fish Company’s efforts around traceability and responsible sourcing. He was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016 and Colorado State University’s Graduate of the Last Decade. Governor John Hickenlooper appointed James to the Governor’s Fellowship Program from 2017-2018 to enlist his help in solving the state’s most challenging issues and leading opportunities for growth and innovation.

James is also a leader in the community. He served as Chairman of the Cooking Matters Colorado Leadership Council, which “helps parents and caregivers struggling with limited food budgets to learn how to shop for and cook healthy, affordable meals.”

As a member of YAYE Organics' Advisory Board, James assists the company's expansion of retail partnerships and strategic growth initiatives. His passion for sustainable food systems fits perfectly with YAYE's mission to transform lives using the power of food as medicine, and we couldn't be more excited to have him on our team.