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Organic Cold-Pressed Juice Pack
Organic Cold-Pressed Juice Pack
Organic Cold-Pressed Juice Pack
Organic Cold-Pressed Juice Pack
Organic Cold-Pressed Juice Pack
Organic Cold-Pressed Juice Pack

Organic Cold-Pressed Juice Pack


For maximum health benefits, drink your 12 oz organic cold-pressed juice in the morning (on an empty stomach) + wait 20-30 minutes before eating. 

We are committed to sustainability and are continuously looking for ways to reduce our usage of single-use plastics. So, beginning April 2021, we are no longer delivering our juices in plastic bottles, and are transitioning to reusable glass bottles! That said, we are thrilled to announce our juice partnership with Whole Sol Blend Bar! Whole Sol's juices are USDA certified organic, and they use the highest quality cold-pressed juicing technology on the market. When you order juices from YAYE Organics, you're not only supporting one local, female-owned business... you're supporting two! 

With 5 retail locations in the Denver/Boulder area, Whole Sol Blend Bar will give you $1 OFF for each glass bottle you return to their store – we recommend trying their delicious smoothie bowls when you drop off your bottles! 


(1) Rotating Menu of 3 Juice Varieties

  • Scroll down to review the rotating juice menu. You'll receive 3 different juices each week (if you order a 6 pack, you'll receive 2 of each variety) based on seasonal availability. 

(2) Celery Juice Only

  • Why Celery? Celery juice is incredibly alkaline for intense toxin removal + improved mental clarity and contains numerous antioxidant + anti-inflammatory nutrients for ultimate digestive health. 


  • Since we deliver Organic Cold-Pressed Juice Packs in glass bottles, they are only available for Local Delivery (Denver/Boulder areas). We are unable to ship juices beyond Denver/Boulder at this time.
  • We deliver juices twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • If you ordered meals, this item will be delivered with your Signature 3 or 6 Day Meal Plan. (If you receive 2 deliveries per week via a 6 Day Meal Plan, this item will be included in your 1st delivery.) 
  • Our weekly cut-off for ordering is Wednesdays at 11:59pm MST to receive deliveries the following week. All packages ordered after 11:59pm Wednesday will be delivered the FOLLOWING week. This gives us time to thoughtfully order the freshest product from local suppliers, and allows us to ensure the highest quality products while also limiting food waste.
  • If you have any allergies or sensitivities, please email & we will do our best to accommodate you.


*you will only receive 3 of the following juice varieties at a time 


    • cucumber + kale + romaine lettuce + celery + lemon + parsley


    • cucumber + kale + romaine lettuce + ginger + celery + lemon


    • celery + apple + lemon + cilantro


    • beet + carrot + apple + lemon + ginger


    • sweet potato + papaya + orange + apple + lemon + turmeric + black pepper


    • pineapple + grapefruit + ginger + mint