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Plant-Based Protein Meal Delivery Service: Top Plant Proteins

Posted by Race Harrison on
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A plant-based protein meal delivery service provides clean, convenient and delicious meals that offer an alternative to time-consuming meal prep and takeout.  YAYE Organics plant-based meals contain protein rich foods that are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber. If you are interested in getting more nutrients, ditching toxic food additives and taking steps toward better overall health, incorporating more whole food plant-based proteins may be the best path forward. 

About Plant-Based Protein Meal Delivery 

So, how much protein do you need to thrive? With the popularity of the standard American diet, the importance of super high-protein meals became extremely inflated. The average person only needs about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. On average, that adds up to about 56 grams per day. Consistently eating too much protein can actually do more harm than good to your body, having a negative impact on metabolism, digestion and kidney health. Meanwhile, a well-rounded plant-based diet can balance out the system, providing more consistent, nutrient dense proteins. According to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn,

“Whether through grains, beans, or even fruit, there's plenty of protein in a plant-strong diet. We only need 5-8% of our calories from protein, and since protein is the one macronutrient that we can't store, when you get above 15% it either stores as fat or we excrete it.”

Unlike animal proteins, organic plant proteins pack a lot more punch when it comes to fiber. This is crucial for proper digestion, gut health and blood sugar maintenance. See some of the best high-fiber plant-based proteins below.

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Our Favorite Plant Proteins Include:

  1. Legumes
  2. Nuts
  3. Seeds
  4. Soy
  5. Whole Grains
  6. Vegetables

 1 | Legumes, Beans, and Pulses

Legumes are protein powerhouses that go great in so many meals. Some of the most popular and delicious legumes include lentils, black beans, peas, peanuts, chickpeas, and more. Whether they are served whole on top of a fresh salad, or blended into a creamy soup, they add so much to a meal. Legumes are high in folate, potassium, magnesium, healthy fats, and insoluble fiber – which is great for digestion and helps you feel fuller, longer. If you are trying to eat more intuitively, consuming more legumes is a great step toward doing so. 

2 | Nuts

Looking for a satiating, high protein snack or meal supplement? Nuts are a powerful source of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. When it comes to plant-based meals, nuts like pistachios and walnuts go great on salads or on top of colorful veggie grain bowls. Cashews even act as an amazing, creamy replacement for several dairy products, like milk, cheeses, cremas, and yogurt – they pack all the nutritional benefits and flavor, without the downsides to dairy.

3 | Seeds

Seeds are such a versatile protein source. Some of the most popular seeds include pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds. They are easy to add into meals – with delicious texture and tons of nutrition. Some other benefits of seeds are high levels of antioxidants (great for skin health and reducing the risk of common health conditions like heart disease), as well as iron, which helps your body produce proteins that carry oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. 

Seeds also deliver a healthy dose of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Calcium is well-known for its benefits for bone health, while magnesium is crucial for hydration, sleep, and alertness. Phosphorus aids several crucial body functions – especially repairing cells.

4 | Soy

While soy is technically categorized as a bean, its utility in the plant-based diet deserves a category of its own. Whether you like whole bean soy (also known as edamame), soft tofu, fermented tempeh, or dried soy curls, there are so many ways to prepare and enjoy this plant-based protein. Not only is tofu versatile, but it’s also super nutrient dense -- high in fiber, healthy fats, and iron – and low in cholesterol. 

5 | Whole Grains 

If you are not feeling full after finishing a meal, you could likely benefit from more whole grains. Whole carbs like brown rice, barley, buckwheat, bulgur, oatmeal, and beyond are some of the best additions to your diet. Plant-based protein meal delivery services like YAYE add whole grains to many meals to make food more satiating and protein-packed. Replacing refined flours with whole grains makes all the difference to your overall wellness. While refined flours come from the same plant as whole grains, processing removes the germ, bran, and crucial nutrients that make the food so good for you. Whole grains, on the other hand, contain all these important elements, have more flavor, and keep you fuller, longer. 

6 | Vegetables 

Many people remain unaware that other vegetables -- like broccoli, brussels sprouts, corn, potatoes, asparagus, and beyond – contain protein too. In combination with protein-forward plant foods like the ones listed above, you certainly get the nutrients required to stay strong and feel great all day long. At YAYE, we believe you are what you eat, and the best path toward sustainable health is prioritizing high protein plants with leafy greens and other nutrient-dense veggies. 

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Other Benefits of a Plant-Based Protein Meal Delivery Service 

Beyond the personal benefits of eating a plant-based diet, it is also the best option for the planet. Not only are plants the ideal protein source for your health, they’re also a win for the environment, using less water and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Animal agriculture also takes up a large amount of land, for what ultimately becomes a small amount of food compared to plant crops. This results in an incredibly inefficient food system, where crops are harvested and fed to agricultural animals, instead of fed directly to humans, where they can make a much bigger difference.

More Convenience with Plant-Based Protein Meal Delivery

Ultimately, a plant-based protein meal delivery sends more environmentally conscious, nutrient-rich foods directly to your door. It removes the stress of planning a diverse menu for your week, as well as balancing nutrients and avoiding common harmful food additives. Getting meals sent to your home reduces time spent cooking, while still getting everything you need to thrive on a plant-based diet

When it comes to cooking, sometimes finding great recipes that meet all your nutrient requirements is a hassle and can result in a lot of quick-fix dinners and takeout. A plant-based protein meal delivery service allows you to remove the pressure of prepping well-rounded meals. Luckily, with a plant-based meal subscription like YAYE, nutrient-forward intuitive eating is made easy, because meals are ready-to-go throughout the week. Simply choose what sounds best to you and enjoy.

Get Started with Protein Meal Delivery Service

Ready to get started with plant-based protein meal delivery? YAYE Organics provides well-rounded, nutrient-rich meals directly to your door. Whether you are looking for healthy meals for the new year, or a convenient supplement to your weekly food prep, we have amazing, delicious options for you. Simply select from our meal delivery menu and receive delicious food multiple times a week.

Interested in learning more about plant-based health, mindfulness, the environment, and other lifestyle topics? Check out the YAYE Mag to get the latest.

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