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Meal Delivery Service for One Person: Best Home Delivery Meals for One

Posted by Race Harrison on
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Cooking for yourself can be complicated. You want to prepare meals with organic and all-natural ingredients, but that means planning, purchasing, preparing and cooking all those meals by yourself. That’s a tall order, especially with a busy schedule. It gets even more complicated if you’re prioritizing nutrient-dense, plant-based meals. How do you have the time to prepare meals for one, avoid excessive food waste, and steer clear of the preservative-filled pre-made meals in the frozen section? 

Home Delivery Meals for One

The solution is organic meal delivery, more specifically meal delivery service for one person. That way, YAYE Organics can dream up delicious, single-serving meals for your week. We take care of the preparing, cooking, and delivering. That way, you have time to focus on everything else in your busy life. At YAYE, we have an incredible list of benefits when it comes to our home delivery meals for one. We use only clean ingredients, prepare everything from scratch in-house, and deliver to your doorstep contact-free. It’s the simplest and healthiest option if you live alone or have a hectic schedule.

Below, we’re diving into the benefits of a meal delivery service for one person, and what makes the best home delivery meals for one so helpful throughout the week. Keep reading to see how YAYE can make your life more delicious and stress-free. 

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Benefits of Home Delivery Meals for One

Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is a prevalent problem across the world. In fact, up to 40 percent of food in the United States is wasted. That problem is exacerbated when people plan a meal and buy all the ingredients, but they don’t have time to cook or end up buying takeout at the last minute. Sometimes you only need a small amount of one ingredient, but the only option is to buy more than you need at the grocery store. 

With a meal delivery service for one person, you don’t have to worry about using every ingredient, because a complete, pre-portioned meal is sent directly to you on your schedule. With nutrient-dense home delivery meals for one, there is no need to plan out every ingredient and meal prep for the week.

Plus, with YAYE’s reusable program, you can also drastically reduce your plastic and packaging use. As part of this program, we provide trackable reusable containers, which you return each week when you receive the new week’s delivery. Ultimately, it seriously cuts down on single-use disposables for your meals.

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Shake Up Your Diet 

Cooking for yourself often means sticking to your tried and true recipes. After all, they’re easier to make, and you know you like them. Because it can be challenging to gather ingredients and cook more complex new recipes, you have less opportunities to explore and taste new and interesting foods. Over time, that monotony can get boring.

The good news is that it’s so much easier to expand your palette and explore new and exciting food options with a meal delivery service for one person. Simply browse all the options available on the weekly meal delivery menu and pick something that excites you. Whether you’re looking for the best breakfast meal delivery service, or a delicious dinner for busy weekdays, YAYE can help you out.

If you’re hoping to transition to a more plant-forward diet, investing in a plant-based meal kit delivery for one person is a great place to start. That way, you can get a sense of the variety of foods available through a plant-based lifestyle and get plenty of inspiration for how to build well-rounded meals that meet all your nutritional requirements. You’ll be sure to find lots of new, unique favorites that make your eating habits more fulfilling.

Less Time Cooking and Preparing

One of the most challenging parts of cooking and shopping for all your meals is the planning and coordinating at the beginning of the week. If you don’t have a meal delivery service for one person, then you have to plan what you’ll eat, purchase all the ingredients at the grocery store, and spend time making your food at the end of a busy day – and that’s all before you can eat it.

All the time is yours with meal kit delivery for one person. Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided without the hassle. YAYE takes care of the shopping, chopping, and portioning for you, so you can get to eating quicker.

Stress Less About Meals

Eating three nutrient-packed meals a day takes an incredible amount of time and effort, especially if you’re cooking by yourself. Whether you’re the type of person who likes to plan a week’s worth of food in advance or you like to think about it one day at a time, creating balanced meals can be  stressful and sometimes impossible depending on your schedule.

That’s why home delivery meals for one are so beneficial. They get rid of all that planning and stress of building a well-rounded menu. At YAYE, we do all the forethought for you. From crafting delicious recipes to cooking them perfectly in our own kitchen, you don’t have to worry about the planning process. You just get to enjoy and experience the amazing health benefits of a plant-based diet.

High-Quality Ingredients

It’s difficult to plan healthy meals with high-quality ingredients in the correct portion size by yourself without the help of meal kit delivery for one. Often, you only tick one of those boxes when you cook yourself, and you may not have the experience to know the difference between a high-quality, organic ingredient and one that is genetically modified or less beneficial for your health.

With home delivery meals for one, all those nutritional concerns are taken care of. We use only the best, top-quality ingredients. Plus, they’re designed just for you, meaning proper portioning is not a challenge you’ll have to face anymore. Overall, meal kit delivery for one person is a much healthier option that requires much less time and attention.

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Enjoy all the Benefits of Meal Delivery Service for One Person

At YAYE Organics, we pride ourselves on making nutrient-dense, delicious meals delivered to your doorstep. We take away the stress you experience from preparing and planning your meals. We also help to improve your environmental footprint, broaden the diversity of your diet, and take away the stress of preparing plant-based food throughout the week. 

Get Started with Home Delivery Meals for One 

If you’re ready to enjoy nutrient packed meals without any of the stress and preparation, sign up for your weekly meal subscription though YAYE Organics. We have a wide variety of meal and delivery options available so you can build the perfect plant-based menu for one.

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