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Best Holiday Gifts for Plant-Based Eaters

Posted by Race Harrison on
Best Holiday Gifts for Plant-Based Eaters
Photo by Lore Schodts on Unsplash


With the holidays right around the corner you are probably writing your list of gifts and checking it twice. There might be one or two loved ones on that list that are stumping you and making you ask the question: what do I get a person who eats a plant-based diet? 

The truth is that your favorite vegan will most likely appreciate any gift that makes plant-based eating and living easier. Here is a small list of the best plant-based gifts in every price range, including handy kitchen gadgets, waste reducing products, and meal plans to take the pain of cooking away.




It’s likely your favorite plant-based eater has a close relationship with tofu. Getting the moisture out of tofu is essential for many different preparation since it’s how you marinate it or get it crispy. Tofu is like a sponge so the more moisture you can get out the more flavor it will absorb. A tofu press like this one will change the game for your loved one. There are a wide variety of presses in with many different price points easily available on the internet. They are so easy to find they are even on Amazon. My favorite is this one from William Sonoma because it doubles as a storage container for your tofu.




There’s a word that’s been buzzing around the plant-based and vegan community for many years - it’s “Vitamix.” One of the best blenders in the food industry would be a very generous gift that any food lover would be grateful to receive. High-powered blenders are almost essential for plant-based living. It is important to be able to break down the fibers of leafy greens in smoothies or to make soups. Not only this, but a blender that can make nut milks and butters is a major plus. Vitamix is used in many industrial kitchens and residential homes for this reason and is what makes YAYE Organic’s Nut Mylks and dressings so creamy.




Spiralizers are another valuable kitchen tool for any plant-based home cook that won’t break your bank, spiralizers are so fun. They make easy work of turning a zucchini or summer squash into a noodle, but they’re not just for zoodles - you can spiralize anything! You can use them on any root vegetable like potatoes, beets, and carrots. Click here for our favorite, cost friendly and space saving spiralizer. 



A big reason many people are moving to a plant-based diet is to help save the planet. Whatever the reason they are plant-based, they will likely appreciate a gift that helps the environment and helps them reduce their plant waste. A countertop composter is a unique way to show your loved one some plant love. FOOD52 has a sleek one in a variety of colors that are sure to vibe with their kitchen aesthetic.




A person who is accustomed to reading labels religiously, scanning restaurant menus obsessively, and making substitutions all the time will be overjoyed to find that they no longer have to do this because you have gifted them ready-to-eat plant-based meals delivered to their door. YAYE Organics allows you to place a one-time order or sign up for a subscription and save 10% weekly. We do all the prep and the research to create fully balanced plant-based menu for each day of the week. The dishes are healthy, nutrient-dense, satisfying, delicious, and delivered straight to your front door. Talk about a hands-off gift of the year. Visit to see all meal plan options or view next week's menu here.

If you're not sure what meals your friend will enjoy, let them choose themselve by giving them a gift card instead. Through the December 2021, YAYE gift cards are on SALE!




If you’re gifting to an at home gardener or foodie, a mushroom grow kit is a unique way to bring them joy this year. Mushrooms are typically pricey at the grocery store and depending on the location they live certain mushrooms can be very hard to come by. This log grow kit is both beautiful and functional and will grow organic mushrooms indoors for up to three years. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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